Niggas really be forgetting who was there for them when no one else was




Why he look like he bout to clock ALL THE TEA


"bitch I am NOT lying"
Them lowkey shawties are the most interesting.

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Well, another year has passed and I can’t lie and say I’m not still attracted to you.
Disregarding your ways in which I find inexplicable and often times nonsensical that have dimmed what I’d initially felt for you, it has also built something in me.
It may be cliche to to go along with the assemblage and hope you “get out of your phases,” or “Stop being stupid/dumb/ignorant”, but that’s not all I want. Of course those same thoughts have invaded my mind, but I want more than just that.
I want you to change this year for the better, but I know it is solely your ambition that will do so. When you want to change is when you will, and unfortunately all I can do is hope and pray, because every gift that you’ve been given is too precious to throw away.
I want you to take everything that’s happened in your life, the good and the bad, the expected and the unexpected, the loved and the hated, and use every experience to grow. You are not perfect and I won’t pretend you are, but despite what anyone else gathers, I see that old spark in you. Though many disagree, I see your ambition, your love, and your heart. People may think I’m crazy because I should have given up on you a long time ago, but I don’t have the heart to, especially when I KNOW you are greater than you are perceived to be.
When I see you hurt or see you struggling, it pains me. Seeing your genuine smile warms my heart and often times I found myself smiling right along with you. It was your glow, your character, that drew people in. Please, let that glow shine again. I don’t know about anyone else, but I miss it dearly.
Another year you’ve been blessed to be on this Earth, and I’d hate to see I go to waste. Please, live, laugh, and grow. Though many may not see it, you are a strong individual, beautiful, intelligent, and you have a big heart. Make me smile again, but most of all, YOU be happy, YOU smile because you want to, because nothing is worse than forced happiness.
Live yet another year of growth. I’ll believe in you even if everyone else has chosen to give up.
I love you. Happy 17th Birthday.

That’s so beautiful…

I forgot about Roc’s birthday until I saw a post about it just now tbh.
I’d usually never forget and be hype as hell for him…damn…


My heart just smiled :)
nerd-misfit-mentality said: How do you feel about my bf Trevor Jackson? s(.__.)/ ... -tosses in my URL too-

I said:


Trevor Jackson is too fine. Lol when I saw him on Let It Shine, that Disney Movie? I had a feeling he’d go off and do his own music but yeah he’s cool I like his voice. &’ Firstly, you are so pretty! We have a lot in common especially standing for Rih 😍🙌you’re chill and you’re funny. You cool people’s. (:

yas s(.__.)/
& thanks :3

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